Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Deepavali

Wish you all a Happy Deepavali! Might go for a fire-cracker-bursting session early tommorrow morning. I went to a Halloween party, the first one so far, and it was pretty cool.

And here's the short story for the Tag:
I went to my car dealer for an oil change and asked him to check the air-leak in the front right tyre and after checking he tells me that I have to change the tyre and since this tyre is back-ordered and because my spare tyre is of a diff. brand than the currently used ones, he tells me I should buy three new tyres and replace my other 3 working tyres and use the spare for this one!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I have been quite remiss on my blogging for quite sometime. Two specific reasons for that, one was the frequent trips to the UK, the second was my efforts to stop making my Apartment Leasing office richer every year. I had stayed in my last apartment for about 5 years, and it was time to say goodbye to that. Finally it dawned upon me that I should buy my own place, which is what I did. And searching for a home isnt easy at all. I thought being single might make that decision easier, but didnt quite get that feeling while doing the search.

Moving from the apartment wasnt easy, either. Had to clear out 5 years of accumulated trash - many left by past roommates. Talking about that, ours was a nice apartment (and a lucky one too) we let all our job seeking friends to reep the benefits of the big city. But surprisingly, none of them got a job here, although they found a lot of contacts here that perhaps helped them get their jobs.

Anyway, I think I should return back to posting more often than what I did these past two months. To start it off here is a review about the tamil film, Thotti Jaya. It stars Simbu and Gopika. Both have acted well, Simbu is getting better with every movie. Manmadhan was, in my view, outstanding acting by him. Some good twists in the story make it a watchable film. Wouldnt say it's sooper good, but a decent film. Music by Harris J. is good - especially on my Ipod! :-)

Do you Pod? I Pod! :-)