Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I succumbed!

I finally succumbed to the immense pressure and had to submit the 1-click button after thinking much about it. Yes, I ordered the 20GB Apple Ipod from Amazon.com. Amazon had a good deal on it and my Dell DJ Mp3 player's harddisk had crashed, making it a complete piece of dirt. I have had software issues with Dell DJ, but didnt expect it to completely stop working. This gave me enough courage to open out the mp3 player and see what it had. A Li-Ion battery and a Hitachi hard disk are the prominent ones (it could very well be an IDE cable issue or a software issue).

I am trying to get my pictures from the UK organized, should put it up by this weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Back from the UK and again barely trying to catch up with things. Will post the pictures soon, but meanwhile here is some good news from Google. Google is out with a Search engine for Blogs. I was waiting for something like this for sometime now, and here it is. Seems alright. Check it out at Blog Search.