Monday, February 21, 2005

Volvo Driving Event Pictures

I have uploaded the pictures from the driving event. Even with the rain it went quite well - in fact, the rain added to the driving pleasure. There were a couple of driving courses which focussed on the safety, handling, stability and performance of the Volvo cars. The first driving course was a simple circuit with nice bends - there was quite some slipping on the bends, more due to the water because of the rain, which made it a worthwhile driving event.

The second course had a set of cones and you have to move around them in a zig-zag manner at a constant pace without accelerating or decelerating. I have some videos of these, which would truly reflect the action that went on the driving course. If any of you know how to post videos online, please let me know. For some pictures from this event <look here>.


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