Saturday, August 13, 2005

Movies, music and Blogger's meet in the UK

Posting after a while...Lots of things going on personally, not much time to blog. Although I have been skimping on this new found hobby, I have tried to atleast hold-on to my other passions (although not abreast of them, as I usually am) namely music, movies and such. Got a membership to Hollywood Videos, and have been trying out their MVP special ($9.99 per month, 3 movies out at a time and unlimited rentals for the month). This deal is good for 3 months, and it's given me ample oppurtunity to catch up with all the English movies that I have missed in the past year or so. Saw "Blade Trinity" - an amazing movie. I have always wanted to see this, and it turned out to be good. Now I want to see the other two Blade movies. Also saw "White Noise" - an alright movie, then the Manchurian Candidate (liked the concept in the movie), I-Robot (cool movie), Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 and countless others.

Have been remiss with the hindi and tamil movies. Just managed to watch Sarkar, starring the Bachchans and KK Menon. A very well made movie, even though it's based on the Godfather, it's an excellent watch. The protagonist, Amitabh Bachchan, portrays Bal Thackeray and there are ample similarities between the other key characters and various real-life political personalities. Some of the dialogues, especially the ones by the character Selva Mani, are quite funny and some of them by Abhishek's character, Shankar, is also good! Background score by Amar Mohile and others is well done. Although I didnt enjoy the songs by themselves, they seemed good in the movie. If you dont compare it with the Godfather, I think you will enjoy it well.

About music, Mangal Pandey was a big disappoinment to me. Didnt see a Rahman touch in it. Although Rahman's latest tamil movie, Aah Ah, is very good. My favorites (in decreasing order of interest) : Anbe Aaruyire (ARR has really sung this well, suits his voice perfectly), Maramkothiye (Liked it after listening to it a couple of times), Mayilirage (Madhushree, my favorite singer is amazing in this), Varugirai (Hariharan and Chitra are both good in this), Thigu Thigu (Madhushree again is good). Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's latest "Dil Jo Bhi Kahe" on first listening seemed good. Havent completely listened to it yet.

A second trip to the UK is in the offing and this time, have made plans to meet with Jag, Anand (Mdeii) and Chakra. Any one else in the UK, if interested to join us, let one of us know.