Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Page 3

Just watched the movie "Page 3" directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, starring Konkana Sensharma and Atul Kulkarni. This is a very good movie which narrates the story of the rich and famous (Bollywood's, of course). Madhavi is a journalist who reports in the Page 3 (dedicated to the Bollywood's rich and famous) section of a leading Newspaper. The story is a superb narration from a journalist's point of view. Even though the story covers a myriad of subjects (it was a bit distracting to me at the beginning) but slowly the movie shaped up and started to get interesting with the central theme becoming more apparent. Atul Kulkarni (he is a very powerful actor - I started noticing him after his outstanding performance in "Hey Ram") has a good role, so does Boman Irani (the laughter therapist from "Munnabhai"). It gives a complete dashboard-look at what happens in Bollywood. Would higly recommend this movie...<Read More>.

Verdict: Excellent acting by Konkana, nice theme. See it if you can.


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