Monday, January 24, 2005

Holy Cow!

I was reading Suderman's Blog (His is one of the regular blogs that I visit - I have him bloggrolled on the left...Suderman, would that hint do?) about his Bovine intentions, and here are some photos I could get on Google. I couldnt exactly find Udder bovines, so here are the ones that I could find. 

Suderman can use this in his site right next to the Kamadenu photo.
Here are a couple of other Udder/sudder bovine sites:

And here is the Chicago's Cow Parade. This used to be quite popular in Chicago Downtown, everywhere you go you would see a statue of these cows. Here is the link. This is like the bovine version of, so Suderman, feel free to read up on each and every Udder's/Dudder's profile. I am sure out of the 300 pictures there will be something you will like. And yeah, dont forget to invite me for the marriage once you hook up with one of them. My Madras visit is due, so wouldnt mind a visit back home ;-)))

And following are some more cows:

Another Super Cow

Super Cow (I think, this one was right next to Wacker Drive in Chicago Downtown)

Macho Cow

Rollo Cow


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